Monday, January 26, 2009

RHEL5 kickstart file supports to install FEDORA CORE10 smoothly

I installed RHEL5 in my company's Linux box. The company required to install the newly available fedora core 10 which is the newer version of fedora as of now. All monitors are 14 inches in my company except a few. But FEDORA CORE10 did not support with those in GUI. I could not create a kickstart file in FEDORA CORE10 since it is a purely GUI based one. So I did copy the RHEL5 kickstart file and change the time zone, which was the one changed that I noticed when I was installing the FEDORA CORE10.

It was Asia/Colombo in FEDORA CORE10 which was Asia/Calcutta in RHEL5. Then I put the same kickstart file in my pxe server. I found that that was working good serendipitously. I posted the pdf versions of original kickstart files of my Blog. Refer The kickstart (.ks) version is posted in the same Linux Ocean blog. Check it out.

The reason is that in Fedora Core10 is spelt Asia/Calcutta as Asia/Kolkatta. So it happened. Anyway the kickstart which is created for RHEL5 can be used easily to install FEDORA CORE 10. But the specific change is indispensable. Otherwise the kickstart will interrupt at the time zone stage. So use my kickstart files up and upgrade the machines casually.

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Thats great Prasanna! Welldone!