Thursday, November 13, 2008

Linux FAQs - esp RHEL5 newbies

1. Is there any necessasity to run the dhcp server while doing the kickstart installation?

Ans: Yes. DHCP server should run in your machine.

2. What is the default NIC card name in RHEL5?
Ans: It will be normally taking as eth0, eth1 etc in the case of additional nic cards in the machine specified.

3. How to stop the ping command in RHEL5?
Ans: press ctrl+C for stopping the ping request from one machine to another machine.

4. What is the service for secure shell in RHEL5?
Ans: sshd is the deamon
sevice sshd stop for stopping the service
service sshd restart for restarting the service

5. Does Linux have the case sensitivity?
Ans: Yes Linux is absolutely case sensitive environment.

6. What is RPM?
Ans: Redhat Package Manager. These packages are using for installing new softwares and services. 

7. What is the service for File Transfer Protocol in RHEL5?
Ans: vsftpd --- >is the deamon
service vsftpd start  ---> is the command
8.startx and gdm are different in RHEL5?
Ans: Merely looking no difference between these two. But internally so many differences are there. Those differences can be known only in experience.

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dhcp is not necessary to run kickstart , so pl refer and make changes in ur FAQ

Sojan Samuel