Monday, December 15, 2008

Changing the Boot Menu Splash

This is how to install your own splash screen for ISOLinux (not the kernel splash, I leave that intact since it really is Slax that is starting, there are tutorials on changing the kernel splash out there).

Modules Required

  • PPMtoLSS16 Module

We are going to create a simple image using the gimp, saving it as a .ppm file. then use the ppmtolss16 utility to convert the ppm to lss. If you are not running under Slax when you do this, you may need to find a ppmtolss utility for your distribution.

  1. Load the PPMtoLSS16 Module
  2. Create a new image in GiMP, 640x400. I use a black background and white or light grey lettering, because we are limited in the number of colors we can use.
  3. Set the color depth to 14, using Image > Mode > Indexed and changing the Maximum Number of Colors to 14.
  4. Okay, go ahead and create your masterpiece.
  5. Save the completed isolinux splash as splash.ppm, raw mode.
  6. In your terminal, cd to the directory you saved splash.ppm and use the command"ppmtolss16< splash.ppm splash.lss"
  7. Replace the splash.lss file in the boot folder of your CD with your new lss file.

Your new ISOLinux Splash will appear after you burn and boot your remastered CD


Raghavan said...

It is ultimate buddy.

kumara guru said...

Yeah, It is working really prasanna.

Give us more tips on this

Linux Pragin said...

Good work. I saw this in google search only. great work man.

Linux Viranna said...

Yeah I changed it by using normal text files only sofar. I ll be using your method later. anyway it is worthy for doing.