Monday, January 26, 2009

Upgrade your file system from Ext3 to Ext4 file system

I read this info from nixcraft blog. I want to share something on this. This ext4 file system will be used in the coming version of fedora (i.e., Fedora 11). The following are the features of ext4.

  • Sub-second timestamps

  • Space preallocation

  • Journal checksumming

  • Large (>2T) file support

  • Large (>16T) file system support

  • De fragmentation support

the kernel existing that one which is used by us now won't support for this file system. You have to download the patch for this stuff. Then ext3 file system can be upgraded to ext4 easily with out any data loss. I am still experimenting on this. But nixcraft vivek got this fully. I got an email on this. Please click the following link and get the full stuff.

Once you install the specified patch, ext3 is no longer mounted with any mount point. So better to keep the boot partition in ext3 only.

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