Friday, March 13, 2009

Acer 5315 wireless works good - an alternate method

The method of how to make work the wireless in Acer 5315 is already written. 
But if you do online upgrade with the additional latest patches, It will not work again. 
It is really funny that with the ubuntu 8.10.
However, you have an alternate method to make work the wireless properly which follows below.
1. Download the latest patch of madwifi-hal- from the internet. 
This can be downloaded from this site
 It is obvious to use the following alternate command in the $ prompt
 $ sudo wget 
2. Untar (unzip) the newly downloaded file: 
 $ tar xvf madwifi-hal- 
3. Go into the newly created directory:
 $ cd madwifi-hal- 
4. Then compile the package:
 $ make 
5. The install the package:
 $ sudo make install 
6. Then load the newly created module:
 $ sudo modprobe ath_pci You can use the following alternate method also. 
In the terminal type “sudo gedit /etc/modules”(without quotes) and add “ath_pci”(again without quotes) 
to the bottom of the list if you don’t have anything in the list just add it to the bottom. Click ‘Save’ and that’s it.
7. Reboot the machine or alternatively use the following command
 $ sudo /sbin/init 6 
8. Your wifi should work in the specified model laptop. The light specified may not glow. If not please buzz me up.


வடுவூர் குமார் said...

I have Acer 290 series,it don't boot with wireless whenever I go into ubuntu.This wireless don't start at boot up,so boot into windows for a while and restart into linux or don't switch off the power switch (AC power).

P N A Prasanna said...

In this version of Ubuntu is not having saving the ipaddress and the wireless settings facility. That is the drawback of this version. You can use the latest version of Ubuntu 9.0.4, if possible. You can achieve what you like.
Thx for your feedback.