Sunday, July 12, 2009

Microsoft really scared about Ubuntu 9.0.4 - Ten reasons

The following ten reasons are made to get scared Microsoft about Ubuntu 9.0.4

1. It is launched three different colors (Desktop, Server and Netbook)
2. It supports ext4. Even Redhat people are doing research in ext4 to implement in that. But Ubuntu 9.0.4 did it
3. It supports ntfs file system in a fastest manner.
4. It is user friendly like Microsoft Windows.
5. It boots 21.3 seconds in normal systems.
6. 4 GB Disk space and 256 MB Ram is sufficient to run this effectively.
7. Online updation and upgradations are available.
8. VLC Player support which is used to play almost anyfile format can be updated easily through internet with this.
9. Wine can be installed for accessing MS-Office and other exe formats.
10. It can be installed by using 1GB USB stick memory with 384 RAM in atom processors which netbooks won't have DVD drives usually.