Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 has to be fixed these issues in future at least ?

I have been using Ubuntu 9.04 but not from the very beginning of its launch. But these limitations are found with in couple of weeks that I had been through.

1. Gtalk widget is not supporting for voice chat eventhough the webcam is working good with other interfaces. This is experimented with other chat clients and web interfaces also. (instances,,Pidgin Instant messenger) But still the issue persists. The message This OS is not supported for Voice chat might have been noticed by Ubuntu as well as Gtalk lovers. Some Ubuntu forums bragging that Gtalk can be voiced and viewed with Ubuntu 9.04. Refer it up if possible (

2. Only 4GB and 256MB is enough for using Ubuntu 9.04. though this is mentioned by Ubuntu, once in 11 hours the OS has to be restarted by manually to rectify the slow process, for instance, in case of torrent download is going on in the Internet. The famous Transmission client is also getting the same issue. It would be fixed if 6GB alloated for / partition, I suppose.

3. Eventhough the beta version of Chrome is working good in Ubuntu 9.04, the plugins for Java and flash have not been launched sofar. Eventhough this issue is closely coupled with Google, Ubuntu has to be taken care of.