Saturday, August 29, 2009

Necessary commands for going with Ubuntu 9.04 smoothly like Windows

I used to run these following commands after installing Ubuntu 9.04 for running important stuff.

1. sudo apt-get update to update all packages with the current patches, which are indispensable for security issues.

2. sudo apt-get install firestarter for installing the GUI firewall that helps to share the existing Internet connection to the other network as well as filtering

3. sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-esd mozilla-plugin-vlc is used to install VLC player for entertainment.

4. sudo wget for installing Google Chrome browser in Ubuntu 9.04.

5. sudo apt-get install wine to install wine software that is used for running windows applications in Ubuntu 9.04.

6. sudo passwd root to reset the password of root user in Ubuntu 9.04.

7. sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter to install software for writing into the USB stick.

Install these plug-ins also for going smooth browsing with Ubuntu 9.04

1. Install flash plug-in for firefox then run

2. Install Java plug-in for firefox then run

Sites can refer for Ubuntu utils:



for installing Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu

Additional Packages

1. Ubuntu Tweak for new tips and tricks.

2. for installing virtual box to run virtual machines in Ubuntu 9.04

3. apt-get install virtualbox-3.0 to install virtual box in Ubuntu 9.04

4. apt-get install firefox-3.5 for install the latest firefox in Ubuntu 9.04

5. apt-get install unrar-free to install winrar in Ubuntu 9.04