Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FireStarter for Ubuntu Linux - a free professional firewall

Fire starter is a small utility that is used for restricting the network in a pretty way. It can be installed easily with the following command

$ sudo apt-get install firestarter

It is having the customizable user interface, you can minimize into tray if you need, you can leave it normal otherwise.

Key Features

  • Suitable for use on desktops, servers and gateways
  • Enables Internet connection sharing
  • Allows you to define both inbound and outbound access policy
  • Wizard for easily configuring your firewall
  • Sets up DHCP for a local network
  • Real time firewall events view
  • View active network connections, including any traffic routed through the firewall

Normally, In professional flavour of Linux ie Redhat Enterprise Linux does not have this type of utility. You can achieve through commands that is used for fixing the firewall priority ie., High, Medium, No firewall.

But In Ubuntu you can fix it easily with simple mouse clicks. You can restrict the network through this utility. Blocking internal network packets as well as blocking external network packets.

You cannot access internet, if you block all packets. This is the good utility to maintain a good network in Ubuntu.

Firewall is the fitering mechanism in one or more network, that is used to handle the incoming and outgoing packets in general.