Saturday, February 12, 2011

Browsing File system

1.copy - copying files
syntax:cp sourcefile destinationfile

2.rename -rename/move the files
i)syntax:mv sourcefile destinationfile (if the destination available it will be moved. Otherwise it will be renamed.)

3.create new files and manage nautilus
Applications-->system tools-->File browser

4.touch  filename - command for creating dummy files / updating time stamp filename - viewing the contents of a particular file
6.vim filname - editing the file.(saving esc+shift+:wq)
7.mkdir dir - creating a directory dir -change directory
9.pwd :present working directory - :previous working directory :goto the home directory of the current user

12.Removing the file/directoy:
rmdir dirname - remove directory (if directory is empty)
rm -rf dirname - remove directory recursively (directory has some contents) ..    - going back the parent directory
14.syntax: file filename -for checking what type file the given is