Friday, April 3, 2009

Unix ToolBox Recommended for Sys Admins

You can visit site, if you want to run some basic commands in bash shell. It is really working in Java Scripts. But the end-user may thing those are real bash shell. Colin Barschel maintains this site. It is having all Linux, Free BSD commands which is popularly known as Unix Tool Box recommended for System Administrators or/and Network Administrators.

He compiled some fun games like snake, matrix also in this site. I hope you will enjoy this like me.

Colin Barschel has given ssh also. But it requires Java's recent plug-in. 

You can download the latest Unix ToolBox html or pdf version from this site. Try it out and pour your comments on LinuxOcean.

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Subash said...

thanks for sharing this bro,
I need to study ur blog from the beginning.